Internet Fraud – Why Must The Few Spoil It For The many?

Such a shame – internet fraud and its victims I mean!
There are so many genuine folk around trying to make that extra dollar, or a living, on the internet and along comes a rogue seller to spoil things making more people insecure about purchasing on the internet via auction sites, websites and general internet shopping outlets.

I am one such victim lately, among approximately 40 others – though it could be many more as a rogue seller set up auctions on 4 auction sites. One of them being the largest site in the world, the second is a young Australian auction site trying to be the best it can – this type of action can only cause damage to these sites along with financial loss for the victims. Those victims also become wary of further purchases from anyone!

This rogue seller “sold” many products using multiple site ID’s, multiple names and multiple bank account numbers – dreadful! How can they get away with this???
Answer – well, because they are not verified! The process of address and personal verification need not be so difficult and to improve the public’s feelings toward security and safety of purchasing on the internet – surely this process is now a must!
I feel, only then will we see a substantial and sustainable rise in internet consumers.

The insecurity people feel was brought home to me when I visited our local police last week to ask advise, the response I received was “internet fraud, another one!” In this day and age that is dreadful! The internet is such as useful tool and opened up the opportunity for so many people to create a small business with relatively little cost compared to bricks and mortar shops. Many operate from home, many on these auction sites are stay at home mothers and single parent families doing their best to help and support themselves and their families – this opportunity should not be denied or ruined for them by such outrageous criminal practices!

The law needs to be tightened up too, rogue sellers, whether on auction sites or independent websites need to be stopped. When will proper country and international laws be set to do this?

No longer should these actions be tolerated or simply brushed off!!!

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